jQuery Clock Time Picker v2.6.4

NPM package "jquery-clock-timepicker"

A free jQuery Plug-in to select the time with a clock inspired by the Android time picker. This plugin works on Desktop and Mobile phones.

Install with NPM or download it directly from GitHub:

The manual can be found on GitHub.


(with the most important settings. Of course, you can combine these different settings...)

Standard time picker
(no settings specified)

Required time picker
{ required: true }

Time picker with different separator
{ seperator: '.' }

Time picker with precision
{ precision: 5 }
{ precision: 10 }
{ precision: 15 }
{ precision: 30 }
{ precision: 60 }

Time picker - show clock picker only on mobile phones
{ onlyShowClockOnMobile: true }

Duration picker
{ duration: true, maximum: '80:00' }

Duration picker that allows to select negative durations
{ duration: true, durationNegative: true }

Duration picker with minimum and maximum
{ duration: true, minimum: '1:00', maximum: '5:30' }

Negative duration picker with minimum and maximum
{ duration: true, durationNegative: true, minimum: '-5:00', maximum: '5:00', precision: 5 }

Find more settings in the README on GitHub.
If you miss settings, please feel free to submit a GitHub issue request.